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Announcing Lather, Charred, and Stow - our latest boxes Announcing Lather, Charred, and Stow - our latest boxes

Box of Awesome

Handpicked, tested, and assembled boxes of unique goods. Delivered monthly for $45, or one-off for $55. Your choice.

  • Exclusive Pricing
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  • No hassle returns
Here's What's Available Now

You'll never have more fun than when opening these boxes.

How to Buy

We'll email you about our new box on the first of the month. Option to skip or swap it. Only pay for what you ship.

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Box Announcement

Each month, we'll email you the details of your new box: what's in it, where it's all from, and why we created it.

Decision Time

If you want it, you're all set. If you don't, you have till the 5th to switch to a different box or skip that month entirely.

Out the Door

We typically ship mid-month and will email you once it's on the way. All you've got to do is sit back and wait.

Join the Club for $45 or purchase without joining for $55

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