Want the casino experience without the kitsch? Bring it home with everything you need for your next game of living room Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, or just about anything else you’ll find at the Vegas card tables.

Wooden Poker Box, Bespoke Post

If you don't already have a regular gambling night, you're going to want one now. Rather than rely on a bulky, metal, and, let’s face it, ugly poker case, we decided to build our own from scratch for a sharp and sophisticated step up that won’t look out of place in your wood-paneled, leather armchair-furnished man cave (you have one, right?). We also packed in everything you need - it all fits perfectly inside the case's plush red felt interior, along with a soft felt-lined bottom and a classic metal enclosure.

Poker Chips, Bespoke Post

These aren’t the frail plastic chips you’re used to. We’ve stocked the poker box with 360 chips in four different colors, plus a dealer chip -- plenty for your friendly home game (though what they’re worth is up to you). The 11.5 gram clay composite gives them a substantial feel and that familiar clink when you throw ‘em around, whether you’re betting on poker, blackjack, or go fish.

Cards, 2 decks, Various Casinos

You might have a drawer full of old playing cards, but how many of them came from the best casinos on the strip? These are straight from the Vegas floors, with the edges cut through to signify that they’re out of circulation (after they’ve helped people win and lose some serious money), and the casino-grade cardstock gives them a substantial feel and perfect weight.

All that's left is to stock up on cigars and plan how to spend all the money you're going to win off your friends.