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A toast to the perfectly aged cocktail.
Bourbon Cocktail Cherries
Bourbon Cocktail Cherries
Your great grandparents were a classy bunch. They drank more bourbon than water, fought in multiple wars, and spent entire days without saying YOLO. In an effort to mimic the way their ancestors drank and lived, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. made this jar of finely crafted bourbon cocktail cherries. They're made from Kentucky bourbon and Oregon cherries, making them a great companion for a host of drinks, especially whiskey. And they're so good that you'll want to eat them straight from a jar. Be warned, though: a slight buzz might not be far behind.
Whisky Stones (Set of 9)
Chilled whisky is great. Diluted whisky isn't. Enter whisky stones: Vermont-milled soapstones that you chill and add to your dram in lieu of ice cubes to keep your booze chilly without flooding it in taste-killing water.
Aromatic Bitters
Jack Rudy's Aromatic Bitters are an essential for any budding cocktail enthusiast. Made with burnt sugar cane syrup as a base, each batch has its own built-in complexity, including nuanced notes of citrus, winter spices, and other assorted agents. It offers an ideal way for you to practice perfecting your own Manhattan or Old Fashioned. And the next morning, if you're nursing a hangover, simply stir a few drops into a glass of soda water. It'll help cure the headache it caused in the first place.
Dead Distillers
Dead Distillers
Dead Distillers
Dead Distillers
Dead Distillers
Dead Distillers presents 50 biographies from the world of distilling, including farmers, criminals, and the occasional president. It chronicles major events in booze history, from the Whiskey Rebellion to Prohibition to the recent revival of craft spirits. Combined with photos, infographics, walking tour maps, and more, it's ideal for any aspiring aficionado and guaranteed to go down easy
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