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A flavor-boosting breath of fresh air.
33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Notebook
33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Notebook
Whether you're an amateur swiller or verging on sommelier, this pocket-friendly notebook is an ideal companion for every wine experience. The eco-friendly construction comes with a flavor wheel on each page, allowing you to grade each bottle according to a specific chart. Is it citrusy? Tannic? Woody? How's the balance? Are those floral notes you're detecting? Mark it all, and rest easy knowing you have a reliable, decipherable record of consumption.
Forte Claret Burgundy Wine Glass, Set of Two
Forte Claret Burgundy Wine Glass, Set of Two
If you love wine, you need a go-to glass. How about a dishwasher-safe one, made in Germany with a crystal-clear finish? It’s blown from durable, clear, and scratch-resistant Tritan crystal glass, and because of the robust volume, it's especially great for swirling wines that need a little extra aeration.

It looks great on your table and feels even better in your hand, but more importantly, can be used with most any bottle. The bowl is big enough to let a vintage Brunello breathe, but delicate enough to beautifully display a crisp Chardonnay. But don't take our word for it, take Wine Spectator's – they called it "the perfect wine glass." Cheers to that.
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