Your neighborhood café isn’t the only place to find a great cup.

With the right tools, you can get a carefully made, fully-flavored pour while bringing some old school simplicity back to your home brew. We’ve packed in some top shelf brewing essentials to ensure you’ve got everything on hand to make a damn good drink.

Madrid French Press, 1 Liter, Grosche

An electric drip machine has got nothing on this time-tested exercise in simplicity and good taste. Grosche’s top-of-the-line Madrid French Press lets you craft your own cup with an easy process that produces extraordinary results. Just steep your coffee grounds or loose-leaf tea in the hand-made beaker, press, strain and pour. It’s simple to use, but controls the brewing to your exact preferences so you'll end up with a better handle on your drink's flavor profile. Since there's better contact with the water, your cup will be richer and more full-bodied (not to mention more stylish).

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Milk Frother, Red or Black, Grosche

Tired of the same cup of coffee every morning? Try out a cafe au lait, latte, cappuccino, or any other frothed milk drink instead. Just pour some milk, flip a switch, and the surprisingly strong motor whips up frothed milk at the right consistency needed for the classic coffee drinks you never thought you could make. Note: 2 AA batteries required

Dulcinea Coffee Beans, 6oz, Cafe Integral

Café Integral curates, roasts, and serves up expertly selected Nicaraguan coffees in their own small-batch blends in downtown New York. Each batch is crafted (literally) from the ground up, by carefully working with specific regions and growers to oversee every step of production. This variation has a medium body and a molasses-like sweetness along with notes of cocoa -- so, more than a few steps above your generic supermarket tin. This is how coffee is supposed to taste.

Earl Grey De La Créme Tea, 1.8oz, Tiesta Tea

That’s right, a French press can handle tea just as easily as coffee. Tiesta's Earl Grey packs black tea with vanilla and blue mallow blossoms for a sweet, creamy improvement to your morning cup. The loose blend allows for unique ingredients and a more thorough steeping process since the flavor isn’t contained to a small bag of over-processed leaves. Just toss some into your new French press, steep, strain, and enjoy a fresh take on earl grey.

Waking up early just got a whole lot easier.

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