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Utility Knife 2.0
Utility Knife 2.0
If you're looking for the most compact blade on the planet, you've found it. The Utility Knife 2.0 uses an ingenious lever system and neodymium magnet in tandem with standard utility blades to give you four controlled depths of cutting. In addition to slicing your fishing line or opening packages, it also doubles as a bottle opener – and easily attaches to key rings and carabiner clips. Need to travel? Just take out the blade and it becomes TSA-friendly.
Bullet Space Pen, Raw Brass
Bullet Space Pen, Raw Brass
Bullet Space Pen, Raw Brass

The Bullet Space Pen is a classic writing implement that's truly out of this world. Originally developed by the Fisher Space Pen Company, this compact tool uses pressurized ink cartridges to allow smooth, dark lines in even the most extreme conditions. Whether you're writing at an awkward angle, dealing with wet or greasy paper, scuba diving, or even floating in zero gravity, you can be sure that you won't lose a letter.

The Bullet Space Pen is compact enough to carry in a pocket, purse, or wallet, and comes in a custom-fit moonscape gift box. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for your penmanship.

Cowan Carabiner
Cowan Carabiner
Cowan Carabiner
Cowan Carabiner
The Cowan is designed to cover the exact distance between your belt loop and your pocket. The steel frame clips easy, while the unique locking system uses a brass locking wheel to keep your keys at the bottom of the carabiner where they belong. Lightweight, sturdy, and built to last, it works with traditional key rings, cable key rings, and other key chain accessories.
Metalplus Toolbox Organizers
Metalplus Toolbox Organizers
Metalplus Toolbox Organizers
Need something to keep your Metalplus toolbox nice and neat? We’ve got you covered. These simple plastic organizers have been custom built and fitted for the Metalplus Studio Toolbox, so you can easily pop 'em in and get everything all cleaned up – then get to work.
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