Finishing Touches

We teamed up our friends at DETAILS to focus on the finer things. We're upping your game one piece at a time.

Brushed Steel Tie Bar, 1.5", The Tie Bar

Tie bars are coming back with a vengeance. And they're not just for models and Don Draper types. The brushed-style mutes the tone for an understated elegance. Wear it between the third and fourth button on your shirt and always make sure it is thinner than your tie.

Wool Lapel Flower, Hook + Albert *Only one flower included

Hand-cut, hand-starched, and hand-woven from the world's finest fabric, each flower comes equipped with an elegant shell button to effortlessly attach to your jacket's lapel. Wear this at your next event and you'll get your fair share of second glances.

Colored Wax Laces, 2 sets, Leather Spa *Color will vary

"How often do you really look at a man's shoes?" Good thing Andy Dufresne wasn't wearing these laces. Leather Spa updates your basic black and brown in a kaleidoscope of classic shades. Your shoes will never be overlooked again.

Steel Collar Straighteners, Stiff Stays

Using plastic collar stays with your dress shirts is like drinking expensive scotch out of a plastic cup. You can count on these high-quality metal collar stays to keep your collar from curling. Now that you've taken care of that, go ahead and pour yourself that scotch.

Consider each of these as a new weapon in your arsenal. Mix and match, but remember that subtlety is the new bling.