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Tuck into a slow-cooked meal.
The Chili Book
The Chili Book
The Chili Book
Chances are you've sat down before a big bowl of chili at some point in your life. It's an American tradition, and it takes on its best form in the pages of this cook book. Written by a world-renowned chef and author, the book is filled with 60 recipes in addition to e deep dive in the culinary tradition. From slow cooking to braising, this book will help satisfy your cravings for meaty spice.
Loft Essentials Knives Box
Sharp. Stainless. Corrosion-resistant. This set of four comes with blonde wood handles, varnished to protect against moisture and dirt. The variety of blades provides the appropriate hardware for everything from slicing to skinning, and is an essential set for dicers of every experience.
Spoon Rest Ramekin
Spoon Rest Ramekin
Go ahead, stir up that famous family-secret sauce. And when you're done, rest that dirty spoon on this beautifully crafted soapstone ramekin. It's made from stone that can not only handle super high temperatures, but is also dishwasher safe.
Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Trivet
Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Trivet
Protect your surface from searing hot pans with this handsome, vintage-styled trivet. Made of a hearty, heavy iron, you can be sure that it won't shift from under your pots and pans, and will shield the finish on your wood table from errant heat. Place it under the serving platter for your oven-fresh roast or casserole, and your favorite furniture will be safe from harm.
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