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Tuck into a slow-cooked meal.
Silicone Ladle, Grey
Silicone Ladle, Grey
Never spill another drop. This ladle was designed with a 45 degree angle on the handle, ideal for ergonomic use. The flexible bowl gets into the nooks and crannies of even your smallest pot, never missing a drop of your homemade concoction. The 3/4 cup ladle even has imperial and metric measures embossed into the bowl so you can scoop with accuracy.
The Chili Book
The Chili Book
The Chili Book
Chances are you've sat down before a big bowl of chili at some point in your life. It's an American tradition, and it takes on its best form in the pages of this cook book. Written by a world-renowned chef and author, the book is filled with 60 recipes in addition to e deep dive in the culinary tradition. From slow cooking to braising, this book will help satisfy your cravings for meaty spice.
Black Blade Chef Knife
This blade has more than meets the eye. The steel is finished with a non-stick coating, so when you slice food, it won't stick to the blade. That makes for easier prep work. More efficient cutting comes from the ash wood handle and curved blade, so you can grip and rock the knife for simple chopping. Most importantly, the whole thing's well balanced with a heavy bolster, feeling exceptional in the hand each and every time you use it to chop, slice, chiffonade, or what have you.
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