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Tuck into a slow-cooked meal.
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Linen Kitchen Cloth, Navy Stripe
Linen Kitchen Cloth, Navy Stripe

There are a few ways you can make your kitchen more attractive. An easy one is to team up with Fog Linen, a Japanese brand that makes design-friendly, everyday linens for the house and home.

These kitchen cloths are slightly thicker than the average, adding some heft and durability to your cleaning tool kit. Each one is spun from premium Lithuanian flax and gets softer and more absorbent with every wash.

Food Flask, Olive
Food Flask, Olive
Liquids aren't the only thing you need to keep hot or cold. Soups, sauces, and shakes are just a few culinary items which need protection from temperature fluctuation. This steel vessel is the solution, complete with a vegan leather strap and silicone spoon. It holds almost 14 ounces of food, keeping them hot for up to six hours and cold up to eight. It's double sealed so it won't leak, and is totally BPA-free. Great for kids and adults alike, this isn't your childhood thermos.
Black Blade Utility Knife
The black steel on this infinitely versatile kitchen knife boasts a non-stick coating. Every slice, dice, and chop seamlessly leaves the food on the block, not on your blade. It's balanced and features a contrasting ash wood handle, sanded to a satin touch. The curved blade allows for a gentle rocking motion, allowing for more efficient cutting. Use it when trimming fat, filleting fish, or prepping vegetables — pretty much anything you'd use a chef's knife for, this easily maneuverable blade can do too.
End Grain Teak Cutting Board, Small
End Grain Teak Cutting Board, Small
Have you ever tried to cut something straight on the counter, without anything to protect the surface from your knife? It's a terrible idea, always has been, always will be. You need a cutting board. This teak board is the blessing you've been waiting for. The attractive design is one worth keeping out, both for its beauty and so you remember to use it.
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