We’re giving your daily routine some subtle tweaks, all with a refined American edge. Use these made-in-America goods throughout your daily travails, then unload them all into the expertly crafted valet at the end of the day. All that’s left is to pour a drink and settle in.

Leather Valet Tray, Bespoke Post

Your daily carry deserves a proper home, and this fits the bill nicely. We’ve custom designed this valet tray out of genuine, 7 ounce leather with antique brass snap closures and hand burnished edges to give it exceptional durability and an old-school appeal. Then we headed to the crack manufacturing team at Blue Claw Co. to hand-craft it for us in a limited run.

Think of it as a drop zone for your essential gear, and an easy way to keep track of it all (so no more frantic searches for your keys when you’re late to work). Grab it to outfit yourself in the morning, then unload at the end of the day when it’s time to relax. It’s even travel-friendly, since the snaps allow it to be folded flat to fit into your carry-on.

Approximate dimensions: 7.5" x 9.5" open; 5" x 7" x 1.25" closed

Saddle Tan Leather Key Fob, Makr

This minimal leather ID adds an instant hit of class to your key ring. Makr crafts some seriously enviable accessories and home goods with a modern-meets-midcentury vibe, and they use the same top-notch materials here as they do with their other covetable products. Add it to your keyring to give it a rich leather upgrade and an extra bit of personality.

Bravado Solid Cologne, Alfred Lane

Spray colognes are all well and good, but we’re always up for trying something new. This take on cologne is a balm made in Chicago from jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, and a concentrated blend of woodsy fragrance to channel your inner lumberjack. Swirl a bit onto your finger and apply to your wrists and neck; the sandalwood, tobacco, leather, and nutmeg scent will easily last all day.

Notebook Set, Orange & Black, Word.

Let your creativity flow with these smartly designed wares. Rather than normal blank versions, these have a unique system for to-dos and notes that keep your pages from devolving into a mess of hand-drawn bullet points and numbered lists. And you can easily keep track of everything throughout the day, since the slim pocket-sized shape makes them a breeze to carry in your back pocket or suit coat.

Face the day with your new American tools, then unload it all and kick back when you’re done.