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Try your hand at a Spanish classic.
Silicone Spoon, Grey
Silicone Spoon, Grey
Flexible and comfortable to hold, this simple spoon gets the job done. It operates as a ladle, scoop, and spatula all in one, with enough give to offer versatility in the kitchen. It'll withstand heat up to 550 degrees and is dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. Antimicrobial and eco-friendly, this spoon will call your kitchen home for years to come.
Linen Kitchen Cloth, Red Stripe
Linen Kitchen Cloth, Red Stripe

There are a few ways you can make your kitchen more attractive. An easy one is to team up with Fog Linen, a Japanese brand that makes design-friendly, everyday linens for the house and home.

These kitchen cloths are slightly thicker than the average, adding some heft and durability to your cleaning tool kit. Each one is spun from premium Lituanian flax and gets softer and more absorbent with every wash.

Copper Measuring Spoon Set
Copper Measuring Spoon Set
Copper Measuring Spoon Set
There's no need to be measured when it comes to the quality of your cookware. This set of four measuring spoons is made of gold-plated copper, and exudes excellence from deep within your kitchen drawers. The four spoons sit neatly inside one another, and add a layer of luxury to every recipe.
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