Tackle the weekend with some stylish twists on your off-duty essentials. Use ‘em separately or together when you’re at a ball game, around a campfire, on the golf course, or wherever else your free time takes you.

Navy Aztec Belt, 1.25" wide, Beltology

We’re big fans of bright socks, sharp ties, and polished watches to add a personal edge to any getup. One of our new favorite ways to inject some personality to an outfit, though, is with one of these. The eye-catching woven navy waxed cotton fabric gives your clothes an instant boost of casual style, but the details — full grain, self-stitched leather and brushed nickel — are all class.

Here’s the cool part: there are no holes. Instead, the woven elastic stretches up to 25% of its original length and lets you notch the belt wherever you want for the perfect fit. So say goodbye to belts that are either too tight or too loose. This one’s just right.

Waxed Canvas Redford Flask, 8 oz capacity, Jack + Mulligan

Pack your favorite booze the next time you head out to watch the game, relax in the great outdoors, or meet your in-laws for dinner. And since it looks so sharp, you can rest it artfully somewhere in your pad as a boozy style piece when it’s not being put to good use. We custom designed it with the folks at Jack + Mulligan, opting for a super tough waxed canvas and a cinnamon brown leather patch that’s still plenty refined for when you need to stash it in a suit pocket.

And for an extra, we’ve packed in a beer-soaked soap from the crew at Redbeard Brew Bars so you can clean up before you go on your way. It brings a whole new meaning to the word “suds” with a summery hefeweizen aroma.

Loosen up in more ways than one

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