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Shoes make the man; polish makes the difference. With a kit to use at home and the right know-how, you can shine your lace-ups to perfection without missing a beat.

We teamed up with world-renowned French brand Saphir so that your shoes get the love and attention they deserve. All you need is a few minutes a month to keep the leather looking as good as the day you bought ‘em.

Renovateur, 50 ml, Saphir

The heralded jack-of-all-trades, it cleans, conditions, shines, and protects. Use this as an initial treatment before cremes and waxes or as a great one-product-does-all quick fix or travel item.

Creme Surfine, Black and Brown, 50ml, Saphir

A pigment-rich cream with conditioning oils that’ll bring out a luxe shine in the leather of your favorite pair. Use the black creme for black shoes, and either color for brown ones — darker or even black cremes will deepen the natural brown patina.

Pate de Luxe Wax, Neutral, 50ml, Saphir

Wax deepens the shine and, more importantly, protects from the elements (whether it’s a storm or a spill.) Works with every color leather.

Buffing Brush, 13.5cm, Saphir

Just the right size to fit in the palm of your hands and brush through every crack and crevice, as opposed to larger versions which are more awkward to handle.

Applicator Brush x 2, Saphir

Rags may work, but they’re far from elegant. These brushes are an easier (and more grown-up) way to apply cremes or waxes to your shoes.

Red Dress Shoelaces, 32 inches, Stolen Riches

Once your shoes are perfectly polished, draw some extra attention to them. Update your basic blacks and browns with a burst of color, and do it with laces that are guaranteed to outlast even your toughest shoes. These are made from a denier nylon core and tight braid from a label with almost 100 years of shoelace-making expertise.

Shoe Bag, Saphir

Super soft protection from the unforgiving world for your freshly-polished shoes.

Shine On.

Not available in Canada due to shipping restrictions