Himalayan Salt Block

This 8"x8"x2" Precambrian crystal is harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas. Use it as a serving tray to infuse a subtle salt flavor into vegetables, fruits and cheeses. Cold-cure carpaccio or sushi-grade fish right in front of your eyes. Or heat it to 500 degrees on your stove or grill to sear vegetables, meat or fish.

Artisan Salt Set

These three artisan salts will change your palette. Red Alder Smoked salt adds a smoky flavor to your food. Rosemary Flake adds a woody herb flavor to your lamb or ice cream. The Fleur de Sel improves upon the old standard.

Bonus: $25 to Rare Cuts

New Orleans' Rare Cuts takes care in delivering premium ranch-to-table cuts of chicken, steak, pork, lamb and more. Herbivores can find solace in their seasonings and marinades for the perfect BBQ.

This box is worth its salt.