Himalayan Salt Block, 8"x8"x1.5", SaltWorks

Seared Scallops Recipe. Photo by Dennis Zabaglo at Taylor Creek Marsh, Lake Tahoe

Protected from pollution and impurities for centuries, salt blocks provide one of the most natural cooking surfaces known to man, infusing your choice food with subtle salt flavors. Each of ours are excavated from the Himalayan mountains as huge boulders before being cut down to size and shipped your way.

Use it cold as a serving tray for fruits, cheeses, carpaccio, sushi-grade fish and more to infuse a light layer of salt and bring out new flavors to your food.

Or, heat the block on your stovetop or grill to cook your food like never before. The crystal structure of the block offers amazing heat retention and distribution, which prevents it from melting and makes cooking on it a breeze. Sear vegetables, meats, seafood, or whatever else you’re serving while infusing it with salty goodness in a completely unique way.

See it in action yourself below. And if you want the long version of how to master it, head here.

Profi Plus butterfly turner, 12.5" length, WMF

A sophisticated cook needs sophisticated tools. Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel with a satin-finish and a cylindrical handle, this thing is not only durable and effective — you’ll be flipping food without breaking a sweat — but it looks damn good as well.

Habanero & Sweet Onion Sugars, 1oz each, Essential Cane

Introduce your salt block to these jars of sugar for a dream team of flavor. You can use ‘em on everything from meats to cocktails to deserts to give your next culinary creation an extra flair. Put the Habanero to work to create an exhilarating kick to your meal and use the Sweet Onion when sweetness is what the grill doctor orders.

With the summer scorch beginning, it's time to fight fire with fire.

Unfortunately we are unable to ship Seared to Canada.

Video taken from our first foray into Salt Blocks with salt with Mark Bitterman from The Meadow