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Three scents to help you make your mark.
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Pine Wood Soap Holder
Pine Wood Soap Holder
Pine Wood Soap Holder
Keep the scum off your soap — and off the edge of your sink — with a dish designed to elevate and accentuate your soap's natural state. The pine design has slats so the water pours through, and is a discrete and welcome addition to any bathroom interior decor.
Under Eye Complex
Eyes are the windows to the soul and yours have been ignored. This special compound was designed specifically to treat puffiness and dark circles under men's eyes. Spiked with good stuff like caffeine, vitamins, and seaweed extract, the cream helps to smooth out and tone the delicate skin around your peepers. Use the paraben-free product day or night.
Karekare Sea Salt Hair Spray
Karekare Sea Salt Hair Spray
There's a reason your hair looks great at the beach. Sea salt helps add vibrancy and texture to your hair, and this spray bottles that up and takes it one step further. In addition to epsom salt helping to clear out buildup and excess oil, added sea beet helps to increase shine and volume, while willow herb provides strong antioxidant properties. Use it daily to turn bland, dull threads into wild, dangerous locks.
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