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The barber-approved way to shave.
Leather Straight Razor Cover
Leather Straight Razor Cover
Leather Straight Razor Cover
Razor blades tend to rust easily when exposed. That's where this all-American leather carrier comes in. It'll hold up to ten double blades, including the box, plus the straight razor itself. A handmade, western-inspired homage to grooming days long gone, it features a custom bison print on the full-grade steer hide.
Under Eye Complex
Eyes are the windows to the soul and yours have been ignored. This special compound was designed specifically to treat puffiness and dark circles under men's eyes. Spiked with good stuff like caffeine, vitamins, and seaweed extract, the cream helps to smooth out and tone the delicate skin around your peepers. Use the paraben-free product day or night.
New Standard Face Wash (Face Wash)
New Standard Face Wash (Face Wash)
There's only one proper face care regimen, and it's the one that comes out of the business end of this bottle. Organic botanical extracts do all the hard work of cleaning you up, and are blended in a wash that is good for all skin types. The chamomile and aloe sooth the skin, while the mint and eucalyptus offer a cooling effect. Tea tree and bay leaf get in your pores and provide antiseptic and anti-microbial benefits, leaving you fresh, reinvigorated, and ready to lean into the rest of your day.
Pre-Shave Oil
It doesn't matter how much you attend to your skin after you shave, if you don't also attend to it before. Massaging a small amount of this oil into your skin prior to shaving is a first step you shouldn't skip. It's a natural blend of vitamin-enriched essential oils, and is designed to promote smooth sailing when you take that razor to your face. Antiseptic properties promote a clean, easy shave, and start your facial care regimen right.
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