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Shave like the experts with a modern spin on grooming classics.

Enter the safety razor. They’re a favorite for in-the-know barbers when it comes to keeping themselves clean shaven. Not only does it give you a higher degree of control for a better shave, but it’s also a fraction of the cost, since blade refills are pennies on the dollar compared to cartridge refills.

Learn the finer points of using one at home (it’s easy, we promise) alongside this lineup of stubble-fighting add-ons. It’ll be your morning ritual’s new MVP.

Double-Edge Safety Razor, Standard Razor

A thoroughly modern take on a tried and true piece of tech. Standard Razors gave the razor a major upgrade, both in looks and performance, by adding a sleek and minimal design and then machining it from aircraft-grade aluminum. With its carefully engineered shave geometry and low-profile top design, it’s easy to find the right angle for a smooth and easy shave.

You’ll be in closer control of your shave, since safety razors sharply reduce your whiskers, reducing irritation compared to other methods. Use it with the included blades, then when you run out, pick up some new ones without draining your wallet -- unlike plastic cartridges, refills for one of these only cost a few cents. That means you get a better (and, let’s face it, cooler) shave while also saving yourself some cash.

Watch: How to Shave With A Safety Razor

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Elizabeth Street Shave Cream, 2 oz, The New York Shaving Company

Made by the no-nonsense experts at The New York Shaving Co., this cream will give you a rich lather to protect your mug as you shave, whether you’re using it with or without a brush. The moisturizing formula keeps your skin from drying out and the thick layer of protection safeguards you from nicks and irritation. All with the brand’s fresh, soapy barbershop scent.

Razor Blades, Two 5-packs

Not all razor blades are created equal. Since everyone’s skin and beard hair are different, choosing the perfect blade for you involves a bit of trial and error. To start you off, we’re including two different 5-packs of blades so that you can fine-tune (and personalize) your routine. The Derby is more smooth and comfortable, while the Gillette is extra sharp and close-cutting.

Alum Block, 3.5 oz, Gentleman Jon

Fight razor burn with this naturally effective mineral block. It halts bleeding, tones your skin, and closes up your pores for an easy and effective post-shave treatment. It’s the same stuff that’s been used as an antiseptic ever since Egyptian times. Talk about old school.

Barber Towel, 12" x 24"

Soak this in hot water and hold it against your face before you shave to open your pores, then do the same with cold water once you’re done to snap ‘em shut.

Your morning routine just got a lot smoother.

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