The Butcher

We're reinvigorating your holidays and breathing new life into old standbys. From snacks to drinks to all-purpose essentials, use ‘em whether you're entertaining, cooking, or just lounging around.

Butcher block, 14” x 12” x 1", Treeline Woodworks

Using reclaimed wood that's stood the test of time, this rugged walnut and maple butcher block was custom made for Bespoke by L.A.-based wood studio Treeline Woodworks. Unlike plastic or cheaper cuts of wood, the block won't dull or damage your blades since edges of individual wood pieces are manually fitted together for a smoother and more forgiving cutting surface. Not much of a cook? Use it as a serving tray for whatever spread you put out next time you've got family or friends over. Note: Each block is unique and the color & grain may vary slightly

Spiced tonic concentrated syrup, 8.5 oz, Liber and Co.

Fresh floral notes and cracked spices make for the best tonic water you won’t find on store shelves. Make it to your desired strength by mixing this bright and botanical syrup with seltzer, giving you freshly bubbled tonic that'll elevate your drinks to new heights. The South Asian herbs and spices, along with organic agave nectar, pay homage to tonic's Colonial Indian roots while providing an impressive depth of flavor that surpasses the standard fare you'll find elsewhere.

Habanero Pepper Sauce, 5.0 oz, Marie Sharp's

It's on every restaurant table in Belize, and now we're bringing it Stateside. Habanero chiles -- one of the hottest peppers around -- are blended with fresh carrots, lime juice, and a few other choice ingredients for a rounded flavor that still packs one hell of a punch. It’s miles above the watered-down and vinegar-heavy standbys we're all used to, giving your food some subtle new flavors along with a kick.

Bloody Mary Peanuts, 8.0 oz, Lord Nut Levington

A great bar snack just got even better. Lemon, celery, pepper, and, of course, Bloody Mary spice give these a unique kick that you won't see in an ordinary nut mix. Even when you run out of your drink, you won’t be able to stop eating these (or restrain yourself from licking your fingertips once they’re gone).

Bourbon-Aged & Tahitian Vanilla Maple Syrup Set, 2.0 oz each, Noble Handcrafted

It's hard to improve maple syrup since it's already so damn good, but these bourbon aged and tahitian vanilla renditions somehow manage. The two unique flavors give your flapjacks a rich boost: a smoked, boozy tinge from Tuthilltown's bourbon or a floral creaminess from the vanilla bean version. And you’re not limited to breakfast with them, either: try it as a substitute for simple syrup in an Old Fashioned, or make it into a glaze for roasted vegetables and grilled meat. Either way, you're going to want to be wide awake when you try these.

Salt sampler, Slavo Salt

More than salt, but not so spice-heavy that it overwhelms the natural flavors your dish. Put this all-purpose seasoning on just about anything -- steak, popcorn, vegetables, even a spicy cocktail -- and taste the difference.

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