The Weekender is back and ready to see you through some warm weather getaways while putting your roller suitcase to shame.

Special Edition Weekender Bag, 20" length x 13" high, 8" opening

This thing goes way back. The style was originally used by stonemasons to haul their tools to a day’s work, and we figured that a mason bag could work wonders for the modern guy, too. Our custom design is back by popular demand with a few improvements: thicker canvas, a heavy-duty reinforced frame, and genuine leather handles and buckles. It all lends extra durability and a more sophisticated look that’ll look sharp no matter where you’re headed.

Sampler Travel Pack

To help you out in your travels, we’re filling up your Weekender with a mix of quality products that’ll come in handy for your weekends away from home. When you’re on the road or navigating airports, they’ll help keep you full, fresh, and feeling good. That way, you can spend less time tracking down a sink or vending machine and more time enjoying your trip.

Don't just get away from the crowds - stand out from them.