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Bespoke Post: How it Works

  • Tell Us About
    What kind of products are you
    Fill out the quiz and
    we'll be able to
    boxes you'll love.
  • Support Small
    With Big Buys
    Your membership allows us to place
    with small makers. Their
    grows, and we
    match you to
    products that fit
    your interests.
  • Preview Your
    Monthly Box
    Each month, we'll send you an email describing
    exactly what's in your box.
    want it? You
    can always skip the
    month or
    swap into
    another box. Only
    pay for what ships.
  • Get The Gear You Want
    At A Great Value
    Enjoy. Each month, we'll introduce new options
    and improve our selections for you based
    on your feedback.
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Pick Your Membership Plan:
Bespoke Post membership is always free — you'll only ever pay for boxes that ship.
What's the difference between the Month-to-Month and 3-Month Plan?
Our Month-to-Month offers full flexibility — you can stay a member for as long (or as short) as you like, no questions asked. On the other hand, by choosing our 3-Month Plan, you're agreeing to stay a member and see what we're all about for at least three months.
How many boxes am I required to buy under each plan?
None. Zero. Zilch.No matter which plan you choose, you can skip any month or box. You could even skip all of 'em if that's what you wanted. And before you ask, there is no catch. You only ever pay for the boxes that ship, period.
Why are boxes $45 for the 3-Month Plan and $50 for the Month-to-Month?
Two reasons. First, because signing up for the 3-Month Plan means you'll give Bespoke Post a real shot, and frankly we appreciate that. And second, because you committing to three months at a time means we'll be able to more accurately predict quantities and better negotiate with our brand partners. Win-win.
What happens to the 3-Month Plan after three months?
After your first three months, your membership will automatically renew for another three months unless you decide to cancel. Fingers crossed you won't, though.
So there's really no catch to the 3-Month Plan?
We promise, you won't find any hidden charges or membership fees here. Just three months — at least, and hopefully way more — of boxes hand-selected for you.
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