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Let's Keep The Wheels Turning
We're buying $10,000,000 of products from emerging brands and small manufacturers over the next 12 months to help our fellow small business community get through the Covid-19 crisis.
Own a brand or product, or know someone who does?
Share your brand and product with us and our buyers will reach out with next steps.
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How My Brand Qualifies
  • Emerging brands with 50 or fewer employees
  • Small manufacturers with 100 or fewer employees
  • Ability and experience to produce 2000 - 5000+ units (We'll also do smaller buys, so don't let that scare you)
How We Can Help
  • Guaranteed purchases of product in large and small volume
  • Direct access to our supply chain (if needed), including end-to-end manufacturing in both the US and abroad
  • Product and packaging design
We're In This Together
We started Bespoke to help people discover the under-the-radar, unique and downright awesome brands we love. But with the disruption caused by Covid-19, emerging brands and small manufacturers are at serious risk.
We wouldn't be here if it weren't for those who've partnered with us throughout our journey. That's why we're pledging our wholehearted support during this new challenge. We're issuing $10m of new purchase orders as of March 15th to help keep the wheels turning.
If you are a brand, please reach out. And if you know of a brand, please let them know. We'll get through this together.
Rishi & Steve, Bespoke Post co-founders
What We're Looking For
We're excited about products that resonate deeply with our customers.
Joy Icon
Combine joy and utility
Products that are both fun and useful.
Target Icon
Are aspirational and accessible
A price point that is accessible for a product that makes you feel wonderful.
Time Icon
Stand the test of time
Products that are timeless, not trendy.
Let's Set This In Motion
Share your brand and product with us and our buyers will reach out with next steps.
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