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Against the Grain with Treeline Woodworks


They obviously look great, but what sets a high-end wood cutting board apart from the competition? We asked the experts at Treeline Woodworks, makers of the butcher block from The Butcher, to break it down for us.

“The woods we use are American Walnut sourced from the Midwest (a.k.a. Walnut Country), and Northern White Hard Maple. Both are hard, time-tested woods in their own right, but our board merges the two in a classic stripe construction that brings out the best in both of their grains.”

Treeline uses edge grain construction, where the board’s surface is a large edge of several pressed-together pieces of wood rather than a single slab. According to the experts,

"Edge grain cuts on wood prevents the grains from opening too much. That way, the boards absorb less moisture from the foods being cut on them, which makes them especially great for meats or really juicy fruits and vegetables. The less moisture that gets in the board, the longer it lasts, so always make sure to store it on its side so any water drips away."

And there you have it: one great cutting board.

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