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Belize's Best-Kept Secret: Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce


The best part about Marie Sharp’s hot sauce -- other than, you know, the taste -- is its creation.

Marie Sharp was a secretary working in Belize when she inherited a 400-acre farm. Hearing that a local doctor made and sold hot sauce in his spare time, she decided to plant some habanero peppers in the hopes of selling them to him.

Turned out, the good doctor only needed a handful of peppers -- Marie had an entire farm's worth. So not wanting to let them go to waste, she picked them and then burned through a dozen blenders before they were all crushed and stored. After filling her entire house and garage with the stuff, Marie decided to put it to good use and make her own pepper sauce.

In between working full time and raising ten -- that's right, ten -- kids, Marie cooked the pepper sauce at night out of her kitchen, then sold the bottles door to door on the weekend. Once people realized just how great the end result was, they grew in popularity until the bottles could be found on every restaurant table in Belize. Marie had to start focusing on it full time just to keep up with demand, and now they’re making their way stateside to give the big names some seriously authentic competition.

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