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“Hard to Shop For” Just Got Easy

Set him up with the coolest gear around, courtesy of our expertly selected, limited-edition boxes.

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What We Do

Each month, we release new boxes: themed collections of unique goods to upgrade a guy's day-to-day.

What To Expect
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How It Works

Your Gift, Their Journey

Give Your Gift Subscription

After an enthusiastic "thank you," the lucky recipient redeems his code online and sets up an account.

Box Announcement

On the 1st of the month, we'll email him an announcement of his latest box with photos, full details, and articles.

Skip or Swap

He can skip that month's box, choose a different one, add on products from our store, or just sit back and wait for the delivery.

Out the Door

We'll ship his box to his doorstep. And once those gift credits are used up, there's no further commitment whatsoever.

Build Your Gift


Buying for someone in Canada, Hawaii or Alaska?

If you're purchasing for someone in Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska, then the gift card will be worth the value you pay for it, not for the number of boxes. For example, if you purchase a 3 box gift card ($135), extra charges for shipping and taxes (varies depending on destination) would mean the recipient’s gift card wouldn’t be valid for 3 boxes, but instead for $135.

Want to pick their box?

Yes, I'll pick their box

We'll ship it with a gift card inside so they can redeem the other {{giftVariantV2.boxes - 1}} boxes.

No, just send a digital gift card or physical gift card worth

Single box gift cards are $55, vs $45 for a box

Which box do you want to give?

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Who is the lucky guy?

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Answers to all your gifting questions

Can I buy a box + a $45 gift card?

Unfortunately not. A single box costs $55. When you buy multiple boxes, we provide the special price of $45 per box. As a result, the lowest denomination gift card is for $55.

If you want, you could purchase a single box for $55 from the Boxes page and then purchase a 1 box gift card.

Can I return a gift card?
Gift cards are non-refundable. If you’d like to return a purchase made with a gift card, the funds will be credited back to your account.
Can I purchase just one box as a gift for someone?
Yes, definitely. Just head to the Boxes page and purchase a box using the Pay As You Go option.
Can I buy gift cards for Canada, Alaska or Hawaii?
Yes, however, note that our standard gift certificates are in amounts that don’t include shipping outside of the lower 48. For example, if you purchase a 3 box gift card ($135), extra charges for shipping and taxes ($10-30 per box, depending on the destination) would mean the recipient’s gift card wouldn’t be valid for 3 boxes, but instead for $135.
Does the gift recipient have to enter a credit card?
Nah - that would be tacky. The only time we’ll ask for a credit card is if he or she tries to purchase more than the value of the gift you give them.
When will my gift card expire?
Can I ship a gift card directly to the recipient?
Yup. Fill in the shipping address field with your recipient’s address during checkout, and we’ll send the gift card there. If you are purchasing multiple items that need to be sent to different addresses, you’ll need to place those orders separately.
Once a gift recipient's credit are used up, does the subscription continue?
No, it does not automatically continue unless they tell us they want it to.
How do gift cards work for recipients?

Recipients go to to redeem their gift card. If you redeem a 1 box ($55) gift card, then you’ll be able to choose a box right away or load up your account with store credit and shop our site.

If the value of the gift card is more than $55, there are two options:

  1. “Join the Club” to experience our club membership as a gift subscriber. That way, each box is $45 and the same rules for the box club apply: on the first of each month, we will send the recipient an email announcing a new box. If they want it, they do nothing and we’ll automatically ship it out. If they don’t want it, they can opt out at no charge. Once all of the credits have been used, the gift subscription automatically expires.
  2. “Store Credit” option. This is a good bet if you don’t want to use the opt-out model. Browse our store and available boxes — priced at $55 — at your own pace.
This would be an amazing gift for my groomsmen
Can you help me with a bulk / corporate purchase?

Sure. If you’re ordering for more than 5 people and need a helping hand, our gift concierge is standing by.

Shoot us a note at or call 888.565.6762