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March Subscriber Exclusive - $50 Gets $10

This month, we're offering $10 off your Club Shipment order for every additional $50 worth of products or boxes you add to your Club Shipment on top of your selected monthly box, for up to $500 in savings. Here's how it works:

  1. Get a regular club box this month
  2. Add additional products or boxes to your Club Shipment with the "Add to Club Shipment" button
  3. For every $50 worth of additional products (pre-tax, pre-shipping), a discount of $10 will automatically apply. So, add $50, get $10. Add $100, get $20. Add $ get the idea.
  4. Bonus is limited to the first $2,500 worth of products added to your club shipment, for a total savings of $500. Not valid on gift subscriptions.

It's that easy.

The nitty gritty: Only valid for March 2018. Only valid during the opt-out period (first 5 days of the month, or 1 hour after signup for new subscribers). You must add the items to your Club Shipment for this to be valid - not your cart. Discount applies starting at a total Club Shipment value of $95 ($45 initial box + $50 of added product). Some products are excluded from the offer, including all products from the following brands: Brooklinen, Lander, Raden, Mauviel, 1975, Audio Engine, Master & Dynamic, Punkt, Lomogrophy, Valor, Priority. Returns that bring total order value below the bonus amount are still valid, but the value of the return will be worth the returned item's amount less the discount. Discount cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or coupons. If you have another coupon associated with your order, we will apply the discount of the greater dollar amount to your order.

How To Add Products To Your Club Shipment

Remember, shipping is free (and more eco-friendly) when you add products to your Club Shipment. Here's how it works for subscribers:

  • You have until the 5th of each month to modify your Club Shipment. During this time, you can add products to your shipment, opt-in to any available box or opt-out of your pre-selected box.

  • Adding a product to your club shipment is easy. Just click "Add to Club Shipment" from any product page. Note that the "Add to Club Shipment" button only appears when you are opted into a box.

  • Once your box is ready to ship, we'll include your selected products in the same package. You save on the shipping charges, and it's easier on the environment.

Use it to replenish items from past boxes that you enjoyed, stock up on items you know you’re going to love, or discover entirely new gear that just so happens to catch your eye.