Alchemy - the essential wares found in any mixologist's den.

Save the free pour for your Rum & Coke. This Japanese-style jigger brings precision to a heavy hand. One ounce on top, two ounces on bottom, everything in between etched inside.

The classic Boston shaker. One part mixing glass, one part tin. Shake when recipes call for juices or heavy mixers; otherwise, stir. Your elegant barspoon slides smoothly around the glass aided by the teardrop top, which adds an impeccable balance; the twisted stem provides ample grip for wet hands. Use your strainer to hold back the ice as your newly mixed libation is poured out.

Not all ice cubes are created equal. This tray produces 2-by-2 blocks that melt more slowly than their standard-size brethren. Want crystal clear cubes? Boil distilled water to remove excess minerals; cool before pouring.

Bitters make everything better. Angostura's are the essential product for any complete bar. It originated as a tonic to ward off the fevers that beset those south of the equator. We prefer its new application.

Finally, a cocktail guide as garnish to your new gear. Remember: practice makes perfect. Mistakes have never tasted so good.