Summer's here and we can already picture it: a cooler and a frisbee on the beach; sandwiches and a bottle of wine at your favorite picnic spot; a good book and some shade in the park.

We built this box for soaking up some sun and enjoying the long summer days and beyond. Reach for it whether you’re packing for an all-day adventure or just stepping outside for some fresh air.

Oversized Linen Blanket, 6.5' x 4.5', Go-Throw

Move over, cotton. This oversized blanket -- seriously, this thing is huge at 6.5' x 4.5' -- is made from carefully sourced, prized linen. What’s that mean, exactly? Well, when compared to cotton, linen is:

  • Lighter
  • Thinner
  • Twice as absorbent
  • Faster drying
  • Three times stronger
  • Sand- and dirt-repellant

And then there are the thought-through details. Even though it’s twice as big as a beach towel, it folds to the size of a newspaper that’s easy to fit into a backpack or beach bag. The built-in straps help it to roll up and tie closed, and corner pockets keep the blanket in place when filled with some sand or dirt. It’ll be a reliable companion on any of your trips to the great outdoors, whether it’s a summer trip to the shore or a picnic amid the fall foliage.

Chess/Checkers Roll-up Kit, 15" x 15" Canvas & 32 chess / checker pieces

When you’re lounging in the sun, break out an old favorite. This set doubles as both a chess and checkers kit and is easy to stow in your bag for an afternoon trip to relax outside. The board is made from outdoor-capable canvas screenprinted in South Carolina, which rolls up for easy travel, and the wood playing pieces come stowed in linen bags so it’s easy to keep them together.

Now all you need is good weather.

Note, Bask is shipping in the second half of June