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A flavor-boosting breath of fresh air.
33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Notebook
33 Bottles of Wine Tasting Notebook
Whether you're an amateur swiller or verging on sommelier, this pocket-friendly notebook is an ideal companion for every wine experience. The eco-friendly construction comes with a flavor wheel on each page, allowing you to grade each bottle according to a specific chart. Is it citrusy? Tannic? Woody? How's the balance? Are those floral notes you're detecting? Mark it all, and rest easy knowing you have a reliable, decipherable record of consumption.
Decanter Cleaning Beads
Your eye-catching decanter may be nice, but it's a pain to clean. Unless you've got these, which make washing a breeze. Just add 'em with some water and gently swirl. The high-grade steel pellets delicately scrub away residue as they smoothly roll over the glass surface. Use 'em for your water bottle, coffee pot, vase, and plenty of other things, too.
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