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Bright new supplies for your home bar.
Crushed Ice Tray (Gray)
Crushed Ice Tray (Gray)
Crushed Ice Tray (Gray)
Crushed Ice Tray (Gray)
Why do you need crushed ice at home? Because what's a Moscow Mule, Mint Julep, or Swizzle without some fractured frozen water? This tray easily makes eight ounces of ice that's quickly crushed into the ideal consistency for your favorite drink. Squeeze the tray's sides and use the lid to funnel the ice into your glass, then add your chosen spirit.
Double Jigger, Silver (Stainless)
The true sign of cocktail expertise is proficiency with a jigger, and once you're twirling between the one-ounce and two-ounce side with ease, no one will question the ingredients you're pouring inside. This Japanese-style double jigger is made of stainless steel, and has measurements on the inside to aid in the illusion you know what you're doing.
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