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Bright new supplies for your home bar.
Copper Straws, Set of Four
Copper Straws, Set of Four
Stop reaching for disposable straws and instead, upgrade to these metal beauties. Besides being good for the environment — do you know how many of those plastic straws end up in the ocean? — they make a high-class affair of sipping on cocktails, sodas, iced coffees, and more. Stick one of this four-pack in your drink the next time imbibe and sip responsibly.
Everyday Ice Tray, 1.25" (Gray)
Everyday Ice Tray, 1.25" (Gray)
Everyday Ice Tray, 1.25" (Gray)
The simplest way to make ice for everything from water glasses to whiskey tumblers has arrived. The design-forward tray is reinforced with steel, so transferring to the fridge is spill-free. The lid means flavors are kept out of your ice, and the flexible cube compartments help release the ice easily.
Stainless Bar Spoon and Muddler
Swirl up your favorite cocktails with a little help from this swizzle-stemmed spoon. It's designed for intense stirring of simple and complex creations, measuring 12 inches to reach in the deepest of mixing glasses. The spoon's bowl can be used for measuring and the tool's flat bottom muddles and crushes with ease.
Double Jigger, Silver (Stainless)
The true sign of cocktail expertise is proficiency with a jigger, and once you're twirling between the one-ounce and two-ounce side with ease, no one will question the ingredients you're pouring inside. This Japanese-style double jigger is made of stainless steel, and has measurements on the inside to aid in the illusion you know what you're doing.
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