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Get ready to get comfortable.
Lodge Candle
Want to make your pad smell like a wooded retreat? This is the candle for you. We loaded it with notes of balsam fir, freshly split wood, and moss to give off a richly green, outdoorsy vibe. It's perfect for your cabin – or your downtown apartment that you wish was a cabin.
Ceramic Match Strike
Next time you're looking to strike up a conversation, make sure this match holder is within view. It's a hand-thrown and glazed piece of stoneware that artfully holds your everyday matches, both used and unused. The exposed layer beneath the glaze is perfect for striking matches, so there's no needs for an ugly box laying around. Once the sticks are spent, rest them on the bottom rim.
Enamel Mug, Coal
In the pantheon of drinkware, the mug holds a place of distinction. This classic design is made from heavyweight steel and thick enamel for extra durability and heat retention. Perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or soup if you're adventurous, the mug will quickly become a centerpiece of your morning, and a fixture of your early afternoons.
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