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Homemade dinner, handmade pasta.
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Olive Wood Slotted Spoon
The perfect wooden spoon for all your kitchen needs. Crafted in Tunisia, it'll work well for stirring pasta, sauces, and really anything you want to cook. Each one is handmade from olive wood and no two are alike, so you get major presentation points, and the spoon lets water easily drain through the slots. Make sure you don't put it in the dishwasher, though; that'll ruin the wood's naturally smooth feel.
Dough Scraper
Dough Scraper
This handmade scraper is designed to easily and cleanly cut large pieces of dough and scrape them from sticky surfaces. It can be used for any soft dough and pastries, and, thanks to high-carbon stainless steel construction, it can take a culinary beating. The walnut handle is secured with handsome brass rivets and will never fail you, even after long hours shaping pasta, making pizza, forming loaves of bread dough, or what have you.
Classic 6" Damascus Utility Knife
Classic 6" Damascus Utility Knife
Shun's six-inch utility knife combines the attributes of a chef's knife and paring knife into a single blade. Narrow and straight, it's ideal for any task where precise cuts are required. The slight curve allows for gentle rocking when mincing herbs and spices, while the nimble size makes it possible to comfortably cut objects in your hand as well as on a board.
End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board
End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Board
You slice, you dice, you cut, you carve. But you've got to have a proper surface to do it all on. This teak board is made from sustainable wood, and was made with the longevity of your kitchen knives and kitchen counters in mind. A gutter running around the board collects any excess juices from meats, oils, or whatever else may be tempted to spill over the sides, and cuts both your prep-time and clean-up immediately in half. What can we say? We're impressed, too.
Lasagna Cutter Attachment
Lasagna Cutter Attachment
When all else fails, eat pasta. It's a truism that's spanned centuries and has lasted all the way up to tonight's dinner. Grabbing this simple, small device is all that's standing between you and some tasty lasagna that would rival grandma's. The attachment is made for the Weston Roma Manual Pasta Machine and helps make three 1.7" lasagna noodles at a time. Cut out yours and fill it with all kinds of meats, cheeses, and veggies. And because it's stainless steel, the attachment will last as long as your appetite does.
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