The Lineup

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Use the cleaner/moisturizer to get rid of grime and recondition dry, thirsty leather. This is your go-to workhorse of the lot, which you should use every week or two on the pairs that you wear most often.

For an extra layer of leather conditioning and to add some color, use the cream. The hydrating formula helps to moisturize the very top layer of the leather, and the pigment — we’ve included both a brown and a black - adds a rich layer of polish.

To keep your hands from getting gunked up, use the applicator brushes to rub the products into your kicks.

If you’re working with suede, grab the specialty suede buffing brush that’s specifically made for scrubbing away built-up dirt and stains from the surface.

When you want the leather to really shine, grab the wax and rub in a thin layer. It'll become your first line of defense against scratches, scuffs, and harsh weather, and will buff to a bright mirror reflection with enough elbow grease.

Use the large buffing brushes for quick cleans, evening out your product application, and increasing the shine. To amp up the color, match the hue of the shoes you’re buffing to the color of the horse hair on the brush.

About the Box

So keep your carefully chosen, hard-worn shoes in fighting shape and not only will you look extra sharp, but they'll serve you well for years to come. This full lineup takes care of your kicks every step of the way, from cleaning to moisturiz- ing to waxing with a mirror finish.

And for the best possible quality, we turned to Prestige, Italy's top tier shoe care experts. Their goods are what you'll find in the best old school cobbler shops over there, and we liked everything so much that we brought their lineup to the U.S. for the very first time. You won't find them anywhere else, short of booking a flight across the Atlantic.

Shine on.


Fifteen minutes and the right tools takes a pair from beat-up to boardroom-ready.

Well Worn

Our most prized shoes with one-of-a-kind histories.

“These have been my go-to formal and (somewhat) stylish shoes for awhile now — actually, they're my only shoes that are formal and stylish. So whenever I've got a wedding re-ception, night out, or anything similar, this is the pair that comes along for the ride.” -Alvaro

“I took an accidental dive into the East River while wearing these (it's a long story), which left them grimy and dried-out. Restoring them taught me the finer points of shoe polishing, and I've been doing it regularly ever since.” -Andrew

With all the sneakers I have — and I have a LOT — this falling-apart pair is still one of my favorites. They're a very rare re-release of the iconic 1988 Air Jordan IIIs, which were gifted to me by my cousin. I wore them to play basketball for almost ten years until they finally fell apart.” -David

“The first time I laced up these cap-toe brogues was on my wedding night a few years back. Now I can't help but smile anytime I put them on.” -Rishi

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