You've learned how to mix some solid drinks - here's your chance to show off with all the right tools. Mix, serve, and amaze with the same gear that's stocked in top-notch speakeasies from L.A. to New York. Whether you want to mix up intricate cocktails or keep it simple, you'll have everything you need to impress.

Extra Large Stemmed Mixing Glass, Cocktail Kingdom

Here's what you need to mix for a crowd: a thick, sturdy glass with a 750ml capacity that lets you do plenty of mixing with the perfect chill and dilution in every pour. Pour in some ice, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, and Zacapa rum to stir up a batch of rum Manhattans, or experiment with your own drink of choice. Saves plenty of time and effort when you're mixing for a crowd, and lets you look damn stylish while you do it.

Hoffman Spoon, Stainless Steel 33.5cm, Cocktail Kingdom

You need a spoon with enough weight, balance, and length to properly mix ingredients without breaking the ice or submerging your fingers -- so your table spoon just isn't gonna cut it. This key addition to your mixology arsenal has got enough reach to stir up your 750ml mixing glass, and the twisted stem is easy to grip even when your hand's soaked in booze.

Leopold Coupe Glass, 2 7.5oz glasses, Cocktail Kingdom

A regular martini glass might do the job, but here's your chance to step it up by serving your creations in the same glass you get at your favorite cocktail spot. Your drinks just got a whole lot more sophisticated.

Cocktail Picks, Stainless Steel 4-pack, Cocktail Kingdom

Ditch the cheap plastic versions and garnish like a pro with polished steel picks -- perfect for topping your cocktail with olives, cherries, lemon peel, or whatever else your heart desires. Then throw 'em in the dishwasher and repeat anytime your cocktail needs a garnish-sized hit of fresh flavor.

Jamaican Bitters, Bittercube

These artisanal summer bitters are slow-crafted by hand in Madison, WI over a two month process, involving peeling hundreds of pounds of citrus and spices, while using no extracts or oils. These are as pure as pure can be and will add some serious heft to your next cocktail adventure. Find recipes and more online.

Speed Pourer, Cocktail Kingdom

These gems will streamline your pour while making you look like a pro in the process. Just place on your bottles and let your hands do the rest.

Mix, serve, and soak in your well-deserved admiration.